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1983 BA, Parks & Recreation, University of Oklahoma
1983 - 86 Graduate Studies, Texas A&M University
1987 Masters of Regional and City Planning, University of Oklahoma

1986 - 87 Planning Director (Intern), City of Chickasha, Oklahoma
1988 - 89 Associate Planner, City of Pocatello, Idaho
1989 - 95 Associate Planner | Senior Planner | Principal Planner | Land Use & Research Division Head, Wichita - Sedgwick County Kansas Metropolitan Area Planning Department
1995 - 2008 Studio Leader | Principal, Gould Evans Associates, Kansas City, Missouri
2008 - 2011 Asst. Director | Director, Community Development, City of Lenexa, Kansas

About dPlanit
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Accomplishing the "vision for a better ..." by working together!
dPlanit is a dream and a reality!  d is your dream - it is also the first initial in my first name, can you see it?  Planit is our reality - we live on a planet, can we plan for a better ... together!

For 33 years I have been engaged with people and communities on a wide array of regulatory, planning, design, building and development projects. In each case there is one commonality - the pursuit of the vision for a better community, a better neighborhood, a better development, a better environment, a better ...  

This experience has taught me that success comes from effective collaboration, meaningful partnerships and having fun!

Citizens, developers, property and business owners, consultants, government staff and community leaders must work together if the "vision of a better ..." is to be achieved.  Every parcel of land, every community, every vision and every person is unique.  It is the diversity of these unique qualities that make our community, economy and environment strong and resilient.

Through dPlanit I am working to bring people together by blending traditional and new planning approaches with technological tools in a manner that engages and energizes people.  The goal is simple - accomplish the "vision for a better ..." by working together.  Achieving this goal is an essential foundation for successful plans, implementation tools, and physical projects.
  • Gering, NE - Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulation Update
  • Eudora, KS - Comprehensive Plan and Planning Advisory Services
Select Past Project Locations
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Raytown, MO
Salina, KS
Moline, IL
Kansas City, MO
Lincoln, NE
Kansas City, KS
Green Bay, WI
Hastings, NE
Cheyenne, WY
Des Moines, IA
Owasso, OK
Helena-West Helena, AR
Pulaski, WI
Jackson, MS
Richardson, TX
Topeka, KS
Salt Lake City, UT
​Wichita, KS
San Antonio, TX
Vero Beach, FL
Mountain Brook, AL
Current Projects
I have had the unique opportunity to be a planner in both the public and private sectors.  After 13 years in the private sector, I returned  to the public sector serving the citizens of the city of Lenexa, Kansas as Assistant Community Development Director and Community Development Director. 

In these roles I was involved in reorganization of the department, and provided leadership and management in the areas of code enforcement, building inspections, planning, engineering, and licensing and permitting. Private development projects during this time included a variety of infill and greenfield projects that had to address BMP implementation, architectural, site and landscape design standards, as well as land use interface issues. 

Part of my responsibilities included planning, design, and construction guidance associated with private development and public improvement projects. Particularly, I provided planning and design guidance for the Central Green and the 87th Street projects in Lenexa City Center.